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Accent Piano Studio has been a cornerstone of high-quality piano instruction in the Kitchener-Waterloo area since its establishment in 2003. Our team of qualified, classically trained instructors is deeply committed to nurturing students' technical proficiency and musical expression on the piano.

At Accent Piano Studio, we offer comprehensive lessons covering a diverse array of musical styles, including classical, modern, jazz, pop, rock, and big band. Our curriculum goes beyond mere performance skills, encompassing essential aspects such as music theory, improvisation, composition, arranging, and music history. By employing a blend of teaching methodologies, we ensure that students receive a well-rounded musical education that prepares them for a lifelong journey of musical discovery and expression.

In 2010, Accent Piano Studio expanded its offerings with the acquisition of KW School of Music and Art, further enriching our ability to provide exceptional instruction and opportunities for artistic development.
Our team comprises professional musicians with illustrious backgrounds in performance, accompaniment, and pedagogy. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our instructors inspire and empower students to unlock their full potential and cultivate their musical talents.

At Accent Piano Studio, we believe in fostering a supportive and nurturing learning environment where students can flourish and achieve their musical goals. Whether aspiring to pursue a career in music or simply seeking personal enrichment through piano study, we are dedicated to guiding each student on their individual musical journey with passion, expertise, and care.
Andriy Tykhonov
Andriy Tykhonov
Jazz and Classical
Andriy Tykhonov (MMus, BMus) is a prominent figure in Ukraine's jazz community, celebrated for his exceptional talent on the piano. Andriy is deeply passionate about teaching piano lessons, evident in his role as the owner and director of KW School of Music since 2010. His dedication to his students, coupled with his effective teaching methods and mentorship, has led to consistently high marks in their exams.

He actively participates in shaping the next generation of musicians. His dynamic energy and emotional resonance shine through in his performances, often in collaboration with esteemed artists like Dave Young and Reg Schwager. Whether playing lively swing tunes or heartfelt ballads, Andriy's music captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression on all who hear it.

Having appeared at renowned festivals and venues such as the UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival, KW Chamber Music Society, and Centre in the Square, Andriy has established himself as a cherished presence in the jazz scene. His diverse repertoire, which encompasses a range of musical styles including swing, ballads, and folk tunes, reflects his versatility as a musician and his deep connection to the art form. Andriy Tykhonov's contributions to jazz music as a performer, composer, and piano teacher have left an indelible mark, inspiring countless individuals and enriching the cultural landscape of Ukraine and beyond.
Olena Klyucharova
Olena Klyucharova
Olena Klyucharova (MMus, BMus) is a highly regarded pianist specializing in guiding advanced students from Level 6 to ARCT and LCRM from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Trained at the Classical Department of the Glier State Music College of Kiev under Olena Verykivska (1995) and the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy with Igor Riabov (2000), she earned a Masters of Music Degree in Pedagogy and Performance from Kiev University of Culture and Art in 2007.

Olena's exceptional talent has earned her scholarships in the “New Names” competition and recognition, including a third prize in the All-Ukrainian Chopin Competition and a diploma prize at the First International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz (1995). She has performed extensively in the United States (1991-1996) and France (1994).

Since settling in Canada in 2002, Olena has been an active performer at prestigious venues such as the K-W Chamber Music Society, Centre in the Square (Kitchener), Maureen Forrester Hall (Waterloo), River Run Centre (Guelph), and Roy Thomson Hall (Toronto).

Passionate about chamber music, Olena collaborates frequently with instrumentalists and singers, notably as an accompanist for the Grand Philharmonic Chamber Singers. Besides her performances, Olena is highly regarded as a piano teacher, guiding her students to success in festivals and RCM examinations.

"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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